Practical Strategies for Living with Dyslexia

Practical Strategies for Living with Dyslexia

Practical Strategies for Living with Dyslexia

Practical Strategies for Living with Dyslexia


Over the years, many quick fix approaches to cure dyslexia have been developed and used. Written by a parent of two dyslexic sons, this new book is a practical guide to dyslexia's many miracle cures. New findings show that early diagnosis can help.


This book is for you. Whatever your interest in dyslexia either as a parent, teacher or other professional this information will be of great assistance.

My work at the Swindon Dyslexia Centre over the last ten years has included dealing with several thousand people who were desperately seeking the 'cure' for dyslexia but did not know what was available or where to get it. Over the last decade dyslexia has been under the scrutiny of many different specialists including optometrists, dieticians, linguists, audiologists, psychologists and other therapists. the result has been that there is a wealth of information available today.

This book contains different methods and strategies for treating dyslexia. Some you will know about, others you may have seen in the papers but do not know how they work. There are of course many different learning programmes and software packages available; I could not possibly include them all. After reading this book you will be in a better position to judge for yourself the merits of vitamin supplements, coloured glasses, exercises and audiotapes, to name but a few. You may find some of the methods appear a little unorthodox, but believe me it is worth keeping an open mind.

If I do not achieve anything else, I hope I will convince you of the importance of having children assessed when they are still very young in order that appropriate help can be sought. Early identification is the key to happy and contented children.

Note: I have used 'he' throughout the book as the majority of people with dyslexia are male and for ease of reading.

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