Spiritual Resources in Family Therapy

Spiritual Resources in Family Therapy

Spiritual Resources in Family Therapy

Spiritual Resources in Family Therapy


"Filling a crucial void, this sourcebook explores the influences of faith beliefs and practices on suffering, healing, and health. Leading family therapists describe how attending to this vital dimension of human experience can inform and enrich therapy, illuminate spiritual sources of distress, and help clients tap into wellsprings for resilience and growth. This volume envisions ways to foster deeper meaning, wholeness, and connection in therapeutic work. It is an invaluable resource for therapists and counselors, and will enrich the curricula of graduate-level courses in family therapy, social work, clinical and counseling psychology, pastoral counseling, nursing, and psychiatry." Title Summary field provided by Blackwell North America, Inc. All Rights Reserved


Spirituality is a powerful dimension of human experience, with growing importance and diversity in today's changing world. Yet it has long been regarded as off-limits in clinical training and practice, leaving most therapists and counselors blind to its significance and reluctant to approach it. Many have regarded clients' spirituality as a private matter not to be intruded on and best left to clergy, pastoral counselors, or faith healers. Some have worried that therapists might impose their own convictions on vulnerable clients. Others fear the intensity of feelings and conflicts that can be aroused by delving into spiritual issues. Therapists who do not consider themselves to be especially religious, or those who lack training in this area, may underestimate the powerful influence of spirituality in the lives of most clients and in the very process of therapy.

This volume is intended as a sourcebook to inform and inspire mental health, health care, pastoral, and human service professionals of all disciplines about this vital dimension in clinical work with couples and families. the aim of this book is to open family therapy practice to spirituality: to explore clients' spiritual beliefs and practices, to understand those that have constrained clients' growth, and to tap resources for resilience and transformation.

Rather than presenting a particular spiritual approach to therapy based on an author's own religious convictions, this volume presents a broad and pluralistic view of spirituality, offering an ecumenical wellspring for therapists and clients of diverse faith orientations. With varied spiritual orientations and therapeutic approaches, the authors each examine spirituality in families and family therapy from a unique vantage point. All are grounded in a systemic orientation, a strengths perspective, and a collaborative partnership with clients.

As Chapter 1 reveals, the vast majority of families regard religion as . . .

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