Legalized Gambling: For and Against

Legalized Gambling: For and Against

Legalized Gambling: For and Against

Legalized Gambling: For and Against


"Americans now spend over $300 billion each year in legal gambling, and the gambling industry has become a major contributor to tax revenues. In the past 30 years, nearly all states have permitted some form of gambling, and 126 Native American tribes now operate reservation casinos. Yet, even as legalized gambling has grown by leaps and bounds, public opinion has turned against it, and political opposition has mobilized. Some critics of gambling want to return to the situation before World War I, when virtually all gambling was illegal in every state, while others want to regulate the industry to channel the popular appetite for gambling into its arguably less undesirable forms. Legalized Gambling: For and Against captures all the main arguments on both sides in this increasingly heated controversy, with 23 carefully-selected contributions by a balanced range of writers." Title Summary field provided by Blackwell North America, Inc. All Rights Reserved


Rod Evans and Mark Hance have compiled an impressive array of authors who shed light on the nation's most recent plunge into legalized gambling.

There are financial interests who want no change.

There are moral leaders who want a total ban.

And there are concerned citizens who see the problems of addiction and corruption growing who want to do something, but they are not sure what to do.

This is not a simple “how to” guide.

But for the policy maker, editorial writer, academician, and responsible leader in any field, here are valuable insights into a complex field.

Indifference does not solve problems. And we have gambling-related problems.

Passion without knowledge rarely solves problems. The passion the reader must provide, whichever side of the issue he or she may lean toward. And this book provides a great deal of information.

I hope that a combination of actions can lead us to a more prudent response to the present craze. Today's response by those addicted and those fostering the addiction is the answer of all addictions: more.

This book helps to bring balance to serious consideration of this issue. I am grateful to the authors for that.

Paul Simon Southern Illinois University March 27, 1997 . . .

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