The Mature Student's Guide to Higher Education

The Mature Student's Guide to Higher Education

The Mature Student's Guide to Higher Education

The Mature Student's Guide to Higher Education


Considering returning to study in higher education? Then this is the book for you! This accessible and informative book enables adults to manage the transition back to study by demystifying aspects of higher education with regard to course choice, modes of study and what to expect. The Mature Student's Guide to Higher Education encourages mature students, not only to acquire a new range of skills, but also to develop the skills they already possess. It provides guidance for adults who need to be aware of issues which affect their choice of course, their choice of institution and their chosen future career. In addition, it will help them know how to manage change, how to overcome barriers such as lack of confidence and how to manage time and family commitments.


Go and do it. It is a life changing experience – and not as hard as
you may think.

(History degree student)

Are you ready for a change in direction? Do you want to return to study and do a higher education degree? If so, this book is intended for people like you who would like to do a higher education degree course as a mature student.

You might be considering returning to study for a number of reasons. These might include seeking a change in your working life, returning to work after a break, having a need to retrain and learn new skills or refresh existing skills, or you may simply want to study for pleasure. Whatever your reasons, this book will help you prepare for your return to study.

Each chapter looks at issues relating to returning to study and to higher education and guides you through the decisions you need to make. You can use this book either by reading through the chapters in turn or by dipping into chapters at random – it depends on how much you already know about studying and higher education. If it is new to you it is advisable to start at the beginning of the book and work your way through each chapter in order. If you already have some knowledge use the contents list and index to find the most relevant parts of the book.

At the beginning of each chapter is an introduction which tells you what it relates to and what you should know when you finish reading that chapter. Some chapters make reference to information contained . . .

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