The Korean War - Vol. 1


The Korean War (1950- 53) began as a conflict between North Korea and South Korea and eventually involved the United States and nineteen other nations. An estimated three million people lost their lives during the war. For Americans who think that only GIs and their United Nations contingent comrades fought effectively, The Korean War will be a surprising introduction to the valor and sacrifice of the South Korean army. This comprehensive view of the war from the South Korean perspective has not been previously available in English translation.

The Korean War comprises three volumes. Volume one examines the background of the war and sketches its development up to the intervention by Communist China. It carefully analyzes North Korean war planning, South Korea's early defensive efforts, and the collective security measures taken by the United Nations. The volume summarizes subsequent military operations, the defense along the Naktong Line, and the counteroffensive carried out in conjunction with the United Nations forces. The Korean War considers recently declassified documents as well as primary accounts by veterans.

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  • Lincoln, NE
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  • 2000


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