The Texas Heritage

The Texas Heritage

The Texas Heritage

The Texas Heritage


Featuring four entirely new essays as well as new maps, photographs, an appendix, and a comprehensive index, this latest edition of our popular text considers the history of Texas from the pre-Columbian period to the present.

A thoughtful balance of sequential and topical chapters, this engaging and affordable book-useful as a reader or as a concise core text-remains a favorite of student readers and instructors alike.


The first edition of THE TEXAS HERITAGE appeared in 1980 under the Forum Press imprint. Over the next few years Texas history received concentrated study, much of it spurred by the statewide extravaganza of the Sesquicentennial in 1986. This 150th anniversary of Texas independence generated a higher level of interest in the history of the state. Among other changes this prompted was the acquisition of The Texas Heritage by Harlan Davidson, Inc.

For nearly two decades the contributors have enjoyed a close relationship with publisher Andrew Davidson. He reminds us when time and new directions in Texas history necessitate a revision of the text. Sometimes this has resulted in minor alterations to existing articles as well as wholesale revisions, but through three subsequent editions it also has produced entirely new articles that offer new insight into Texas's old story. This edition includes four such articles prepared by Mark Daniel Barringer, Donald R. Walker, Linda S. Hudson, and Eddie Weller.

“Across the ages men and women have endeavored to discover— or rediscover—their past.” Thus began the first edition of this collection of essays, and this fourth edition is testimony to the verity of that statement. Texas itself is an excellent example of change and renewal. All students in grades four and seven in Texas public schools receive instruction in their state's history; unfortunately these experiences are as varied as the enthusiasm of the teachers involved. Often students emerge from these early classes in Texas history with bitter memories of tedious assignments and compulsory study. Usually, then, many Texans do not begin to appreciate their heritage until later in life. Happily, this interest truly develops for some when attending colleges and universities, where Texas history often is one of the most popular course offerings. Others do not develop a similar interest until even later in life, once they finally have the leisure to learn more about Texas. This book is intended for all groups.

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