On That Point! An Introduction to Parliamentary Debate

On That Point! An Introduction to Parliamentary Debate

On That Point! An Introduction to Parliamentary Debate

On That Point! An Introduction to Parliamentary Debate


The first parlimentary debate textbook for secondary school students, offering a theoretical and practical foundation for effective participation in parliamentary debate in competition or in the classroom. Provides comprehensive instruction, a review of argument construction and extension, case development, refutation of argument claims and evidence, and persuasive speaking. Includes sample arguments, debate tactics, and practice exercises of value to both novice and experienced debaters. Suitable as a public speaking guide.


All students can benefit from training in oral communication and argumentation. a course in debating is a course in practical knowledge, critical thinking, research, and public speaking. These are all essential skills for students who wish to succeed in school or in the workplace. We sincerely hope that this book will be of use to teachers and students who desire an introductory course in debate and argumentation.

This book is designed for use in a secondary school classroom or as part of an extracurricular debate program. It begins with an introduction to public speaking and argumentation and proceeds to discuss many advanced concepts in argument theory and the finer points of competitive and noncompetitive debating. Although there are many different formats and kinds of debating used around the world, this book primarily discusses the practice of parliamentary debating. the parliamentary debate style is the fastest growing and most widely used style of debate in the world, with parliamentary debate societies in such diverse countries as Indonesia, Russia, Chile, Ireland, Romania, Korea, and the United States. Although English is the primary language for international parliamentary debating, there are debate events in many languages held all over the world.

The parliamentary style of debating is easily learned and extraordinarily adaptable. You will find that the flexibility of the format is such that it supports both competitive events and public discussions on just about any topic. Parliamentary debate is the ideal format for debate by secondary students, because it emphasizes research at the same time that it emphasizes the development of performance and speaking abilities.

We have included all of the basic elements of public speaking, critical thinking, critical listening, and research skills for new debaters. the text also contains exercises aimed at helping experienced practitioners to develop sophisticated argumentative skills. You will also find speeches, excerpts, and resources, as well as a glossary and several hundred potential debate topics. All these resources are useful for novice and experienced debaters as well as debate trainers and coaches. the best way to learn how to debate is through constant practice. the exercises in each chapter are meant to help you learn how to use the vocabulary and concepts in parliamentary debate gradually, rather than . . .

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