Leading with Cultural Intelligence: The New Secret to Success

Leading with Cultural Intelligence: The New Secret to Success

Leading with Cultural Intelligence: The New Secret to Success

Leading with Cultural Intelligence: The New Secret to Success


Why are some leaders able to create trust and negotiate contracts with Chinese, Latin Americans, and Germans all in the same day, while others are barely able to manage the diversity in their own offices? The answer lies in their cultural intelligence, or CQ. Packed with practical tools, research, and case studies, Leading with Cultural Intelligence breaks new ground, offering today's global workforce a specific, four-step model to becoming more adept at managing across cultures:

Drive - show the interest and confidence to adapt cross-culturally

Knowledge - understand how differences such as religion, family, education, legal, and economic influences affect the way people think and behave

Strategy - monitor, analyze, and adjust plans in unfamiliar cultural setting

Action - choose the right verbal and nonverbal behaviors, depending on context

Practical and insightful, this indispensable guide shows leaders how to connect across any cultural divide, including national, ethnic, and organizational cultures.


We are pleased to write the foreword to David Livermore's latest book on cultural intelligence (CQ). We have known Dave professionally for many years and have followed his work with great interest. Dave has always had a passion for intercultural training and education and has spent several years training leaders to serve on short-term overseas assignments.

As academic professors who pioneered the research and basic science of cultural intelligence in organizational behavior and cross-cultural psychology, we were introduced to Dave by a mutual colleague. The colleague thought our academic research on cultural intelligence could influence Dave's work in the field and Dave's vast intercultural experiences could help us refine our own thinking about cultural intelligence.

Few people can translate technical academic work into clear and lucid material. Dave has done just that with this book on culturally intelligent leadership. Dave is especially qualified to write this book. He has a Ph.D. in the field of education, with special emphasis on multicultural education. He understands the importance of evidence-based management principles and emphasizes researchbased scientific evidence rather than anecdotes as the basis for his key points. As a result, Leading with Cultural Intelligence presents a view of leadership that is solidly grounded on cultural intelligence theory and research. By drawing on key concepts and ideas that have been well validated academically, Dave accurately brings alive the concept of cultural intelligence and applies it with highly practical how-to's for global businesses and practitioners.

The book is easy to read and highly relevant for today's managers and global leaders who must grapple with the complexities of cultural differences. Dave uses rich and vivid real-life examples throughout all chapters in the book.

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