Trials: Of Antigone and Jesus


What does it mean to be called "human"? How does this affect or effect what it means to be called "divine"? This book responds to these questions in intertwined explorations of the passionate trials of Antigone and Jesus. Impelled by her love of the impossible, Antigone crosses uncrossable boundaries, confounds distinctions of nature and culture, and unearths and critiques the sexism implicit in humanism. The mode of humanity she develops offers a new way of considering Jesus. Through aclose reading of Mark's gospel focused on Jesus' cry of abandonment from the cross, the author shows that to refigure humanity is also to refigure divinity and their relation. In the first extended treatment of Nancy's Corpus in English, the author proposes an innovative account of Jesus' humanity and divinity - one that can contribute to religious understandings of embodiment and prayer and can open avenues of inquiry into tragedy, sexual difference, posthumanism, and politics.


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