America in the 20th Century - Vol. 11

America in the 20th Century - Vol. 11

America in the 20th Century - Vol. 11

America in the 20th Century - Vol. 11


Copiously illustrated with period photographs, prints, and historic documents to appeal to students from sixth grade through high school, these volumes provide a decade-by-decade overview of American history in the 20th century, with a focus on social issues. Attention is paid to developments in politics, business, technology, and people's lives at home and at work; short biographies of leading figures are included. Two of the volumes contain primary sources, also grouped by decade; documents are followed by discussion and short lists of questions. Annotation (c)2003 Book News, Inc., Portland, OR (


Letters from Konstanty and Antoni
Butkowski (written from America to their
parents in Poland)

Date: December 6, 1901 to April 26, 1903

Description: Letters.

Background: Excerpts from “Butkowski series, Letters from Konstanty and Antoni Butkowski, in America to their Parents in Poland.” the Butkowski brothers were living in Chicago when they wrote to their parents in Poland.

Source: William I. Thomas and Florian Znaniecki. The Polish Peasant in Europe and America. New York: Dover Press, 1958.

South Chicago, December 6, 1901

Dear Parents: I send you my lowest bow, as to a father and mother, and I greet you and my brothers with these words: “Praised be Jesus Christus,” and I hope in God that you will answer me, “For centuries of centuries. Amen.”

And now I wish you, dearest parents, and you also, dearest brother, to meet the Christmas eve and merry holidays in good health and happiness. May God help you in your intentions. Be merry, all of you together. [Health and success; letter received.] I could not answer you at once, for you know that when one comes from work he has no wish to occupy himself with writing [particularly] as I work always at night…. I sent you money, 100 roubles, on November 30. I could not send more now, for you know that winter is coming and I must buy clothes. I inform you that Marta has no work yet. She will get work after the holidays, and it may happen that she will marry…. I inform you about Jasiek, my brother, that he wrote me a letter from Prussia asking me to take him to America, but he is still too young. Inform me about Antoni, how his health is, for in the spring I will bring him to me. I will send him a ship-ticket, if God grants me health. [Greetings for family and relatives.] [Konstanty Butkowski]

February 17, 1902

Dearest parents:…. I inform you that I have sent a ship-ticket for Antoni… Expect to receive it soon … and remember, Antoni, don't show your papers to anybody, except in places where you must show them…. and if you receive the ticket soon, don't wait, but come at once. and if you receive it a week or so before Easter, then don't leave until after the holidays. But after the holidays don't wait; come at once…. and send a . . .

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