Biomedical Ethics


Biomedical Ethics is a brief philosophical introduction to the most important ethical questions and arguments in six areas of biomedicine: the patient-doctor relationship; medical research on humans; reproductive rights and technologies; genetics; medical decisions at the end of life; and the allocation of scarce medical resources. Topics cover both perennial ethical issues in medicine, such as doctors' duties to patients, and recent and emerging ethical issues in scientific innovation, such as gene therapy and cloningIdeal for courses in contemporary moral problems, introduction to ethics, and introduction to bioethicsContents:Chapter1: History and TheoriesIntroductionThe Need for TheoriesConsequentialism and DeontologyVirtue Ethics and Feminist EthicsCommunitarianism and LiberalismThe Rejection of Theories: Casuistry and Cultural RelativismConclusionFurther ReadingChapter 2: The Patient-Doctor RelationshipIntroductionInformed ConsentTherapeutic PrivilegeConfidentialityCross-Cultural RelationsWhat Sort of Doctors Do We Need?ConclusionChapter 3: Medical Research on HumansIntroductionDesign of Clinical TrialsEquipoise, Randomisation, and PlacebosProblems with ConsentVulnerable PopulationsProtections and JusticeConclusionFurther ReadingChapter 4: Reproductive Rights and TechnologiesIntroductionAbortionThe Moral Status of EmbryosSurrogate PregnancySex CloningConclusionFurther ReadingChapter 5: GeneticsIntroductionGenetic Testing and ScreeningPreimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PIGD)Gene TherapyGenetic EnhancementEugenicsConclusionFurther ReadingChapter 6: Medical Decisions at the End of LifeIntroductionDefining DeathWithholding and Withdrawing TreatmentDouble EffectEuthanasia and Physician-Assisted SuicideFutilityConclusionFurther ReadingChapter 7: Allocating Scarce Medical ResourcesIntroductionSetting PrioritiesQALYsAge-Based RationingOrgan TransplantationTwo-Tiered Health CareConclusionFurther Reading

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  • New York
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  • 2005


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