Leading Issues in Economic Development


Completely updated and revised in this eighth edition, Leading Issues in Economic Development covers the main issues in economic development through professional journal articles by leading scholars. These articles are edited to provide greater accessibility to an undergraduate audience and organised thematically using overview essays along with explanatory notes and comments. This distinctive approach allows for a variety of perspectives while keeping the most important overall themes in sight. This extensive collection of articles and essays is prefaced with an introductory section that covers the measurement of development, recent economic performance of less developed countries, and the discipline of development economics. It also provides a historical perspective on how the world divided into rich and poor countries and treatments of international trade, human resources, investment and finance, urbanisation and the informal sector, agriculture, income distribution, political economy, development, and the environment. The Eighth Edition is updated to include:
• Renaming of Savings and Investment chapter and expansion of chapter to include contagion and development issues raised by the Asian financial crisis
• Political Economy expands its treatment of the political process of decision making
• The Human Resource chapter adds coverage of gender issues
• Treatment of poverty is updated to reflect recent research, and new selections are added on the role of social capital in productivity and also on transition economies
• Selections are strengthened that deal with the microeconomics of development, education, health, and agricultureContents:1. Introduction2. Historical Perspective3. International Trade and Technology Transfer4. Human Resources5. Investment and Finance6. Urbanisation and the Informal Sector7. Agriculture8. Income Distribution9. Political Economy10. Development and the EnvironmentIndex

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Publisher: Place of publication:
  • New York
Publication year:
  • 2004


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