Quality, Risk, and Control in Health Care


"With better governance a key issue in the NHS boardroom, this book provides a comprehensive underpinning to future developments."Roger Moore, Chief Executive, NHS Appointments Commission, UK"This book provides a much needed integration of different streams in the quality movement, examining the need and methods for control and accountability as well as the continuous improvement approach."John Ovretveit, The Karolinska Institute Medical Management Centre, Stockholm, Sweden"This excellent book is both informative and challenging...[it] helps us work our way through the contradictory and often inconsistent health maze that is bound by quality, risk, control, governance, trust, regulation, private activity, accountability, assurance and outcome."Adam Graycar, Cabinet Office of South AustraliaThis book explores the concepts of trust, control and risk management as key components of organisational accountability in the public sector. It explores how the concept of risk management has been introduced into the public sector and how this has impacted on the definition of governance in the National Health Service. It also addresses the concept of controls assurance by placing it in the context of developments both in local health care management and central government. Key questions that are addressed include:
• How can devolved public sector organisations be held accountable?
• What is the relationship between risk, control and governance?
• How do private sector ideas about governance translate into the provision of public health services?Quality, Risk and Control in Health Care is essential reading for health policy makers, health practitioners and professionals, as well as students and academics in the fields of health policy, health services management, social policy and public policy.

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