The Peopling of Britain: The Shaping of a Human Landscape


'Includes much to stimulate and inform future research.' -Northern History'The contributions are well written and excellently coordinated into one by the Editors, to provide an interesting and useful volume with a somewhat different approach. Particularly important are the 'Comment' sections which link the various contributions into a very readable whole.' -The Environmentalist'Perspective is the operative word for this book: it is very fruitful both for pointing up substantive historical issues and for illustrating the respective contributions of so many historical methods from environmental archaeology to demography.' -Antiquity'This is a valuable collection of the latest work and a book that will interest historians as well as geographers and archaeologists.' -Contemporary Review'Immigration is the day's most dangerous and divisive concern, which makes this cool, studious, apolitical little book all the more precious... if ever you find yourself reading a Daily Mail polemic on immigration and thumping the table uncontrollably, stretch for this volume and restore your sanity with a long view of history.' -Country LifeWritten by acknowledged experts in different fields - archaeology, history, and geography - in accessible form, this is an account of the evolution of human settlement in Britain over the last half-million years and its impact on the landscape from the beginnings to the present day. It reviews the way in which, over the centuries, the evolving human presence in Britain has shaped the British landscape and how, in turn, the British landscape has moulded the development of British communities.

Additional information

Includes content by:
  • Paul Slack
  • Ryk Ward
  • Clive Gamble
  • Paul Mellars
  • Andrew Sherratt
Publisher: Place of publication:
  • New York
Publication year:
  • 2002


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