Facilitating Project Performance Improvement: A Practical Guide to Multi-Level Learning


Waiting until the end of a project to identify "lessons learned" is too late. By that time, the project may be ready for the scrap heap. But if your projects and programs include multi-level learning, you'll not only be fostering continuous improvements for the future, you'll be well-equipped to reduce the risk of failure while projects are "in-flight" so you can deliver maximum value to your client organization. Facilitating Project Performance Improvement helps any organization:

• Reduce time to market for new products, systems, processes and technologies

• Improve customer and end-user satisfaction with project outcomes

• Reduce risk of failure, wasted investment, and project runaway

• Improve productivity, quality and teamwork

• Continuously improve delivery both within and across projects.

Organizations simply cannot afford to leave learning to chance on their mission-critical investments. Facilitating Project Performance Improvement provides a practical approach to structured learning and reflectionthat enables teams to innovate and improve, ensuring both immediate and long-term project success.

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Publisher: Place of publication:
  • New York
Publication year:
  • 2010


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