Restructuring the Philadelphia Region: Metropolitan Divisions and Inequality


Restructuring the Philadelphia Regionoffers one of the most comprehensive and careful investigations written to date about metropolitan inequalities in America's large urban regions. Moving beyond simplistic analyses of cities-versus-suburbs, the authors use a large and unique data set to discover the special patterns of opportunity in greater Philadelphia, a sprawling, complex metropolitan region consisting of more than 350 separate localities. With each community operating its own public services and competing to attract residents and businesses, the places people live offer them dramatically different opportunities. The book vividly portrays the region's uneven development-paying particular attention to differences in housing, employment and educational opportunities in different communities-and describes the actors who are working to promote greater regional cooperation. Surprisingly, local government officials are not prominent among those actors. Instead, a rich network of "third-sector" actors, represented by non-profit organizations, quasi-governmental authorities and voluntary associations, is shaping a new form of regionalism. In the series Philadelphia Voices, Philadelphia Visions, edited by David Bartelt


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