The Barony of Glasgow: A Window onto Church and People in Nineteenth Century Scotland


The Barony Parish was one of the most important parishes in 19th-century Scotland since it covered almost one third of 'the second city of the Empire.' The Parish encompassed middle-class suburbs to the then West End of Glasgow, the commercial heart of the city, industrial areas around Port Dundas, and working class slums in the East End. The Barony Parish Church was located in the center of the Parish next to Glasgow Cathedral and by the 1880s claimed the largest Presbyterian congregation in Glasgow. This book analyzes the Parish, examining the congregation and moving beyond social class to examine patterns of adherence relating to gender, family ties, households, and the links between employer and employee. The book also moves beyond the Barony Parish Church to examine similar features of religious adherence in churches and denominations across Scotland, building the first national profile of church and people in 19th-century Scotland.


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