An Aquinas Reader

An Aquinas Reader

An Aquinas Reader

An Aquinas Reader


This new edition of An Aquinas Reader contains in one closely knit volume representative selections that reflect every aspect of Aquinas's philosophy. Divided into three section - Reality, God, and Man - this anthology offers an unrivaled perspective of the full scope and rich variety of Aquinas's thought. It provides the general reader with an overall survey of one of the most outstanding thinks or all time and reveals the major influence he has had on many of the world's greatest thinkers. This revised third edition of Clark's perennial still has all of the exceptional qualities that made An Aquinas Reader a classic, but contains a new introduction, improved format, and an updated bibliography.


The problems that concern persons today—the problem of love, of knowledge, of freedom, of God, of religion, of morality—were of intense interest to Thomas Aquinas. For this reason this Reader will prove useful as a basic text for courses in philosophical anthropology and philosophy of the human person.

In the newly revised first section of the Reader I have placed those texts which are most appropriate for a course in metaphysics and natural theology. There are also sections covering ethical principles and Christian faith.

The scope of the texts throughout the Reader can offer a sense of the total Aquinas: philosopher and theologian, man of reason and man of faith. Selections are presented not only from the well-known theological syntheses, but also from his commentaries on Aristotle's works; not only from the latter but also from the commentaries on Neoplatonic works; and, finally, not only from his religious prose, but also from his religious poetry.

A more profound and more extensive knowledge of the thought of Thomas Aquinas is needed in the third millennium, but few persons have the time to pursue the more than one hundred works he left as his legacy to humankind when he died at the age of forty-nine.

As this new edition goes to press, I wish to thank the three Executive Editors who have assisted at various times with the publication of this Reader: Mary Louis Birmingham, Patricia A. Kossmann, and Mary Beatrice Schulte.

Manhattanville College MARY T. CLARK

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