Honoring Diverse Teaching Styles: A Guide for Supervisors

Honoring Diverse Teaching Styles: A Guide for Supervisors

Honoring Diverse Teaching Styles: A Guide for Supervisors

Honoring Diverse Teaching Styles: A Guide for Supervisors


In this era of increasing teacher accountability, helping novice and veteran teachers succeed in the classroom has never been more urgent or more challenging. Honoring Diverse Teaching Styles is essential reading for anyone who wants to help teachers meet today's performance standards while also respecting the unique gifts each teacher brings to the classroom. This concise guide describes a system for fostering effective teacher development, and includes:
• Descriptions and examples of the four basic styles of teaching
• Tips for matching your communication style with the teacher's preferred style
• Tools for effectively observing classroom practice
• Ideas for helping teachers build on their strengths while exploring different ways of teaching. Using this guide, principals and mentors can help teachers broaden their instructional repertoire and develop a stronger professional identity. These teachers will become more confident in their decision making and take greater command of the classroom, leading to increased student learning. Educators who are new to supervising teachers will find this a highly readable guide to the wide range of strategies available, while experienced supervisors will discover new ways to strengthen their own practice and rethink their observational methods. All readers of this guide will gain the satisfaction of helping teachers develop the kind of expertise that truly fosters student achievement. Edward Pajak is a professor and chair of the Department of Teacher Development and Leadership at Johns Hopkins University.


This important monograph appears at a time when educators face the challenge of ensuring high-quality instruction for every student, while simultaneously recruiting and socializing an unprecedented number of new and second-career teachers into the professional ranks. Edward Pajak has written a refreshingly original book that can help school practitioners and teacher educators address this dual challenge by shifting clinical supervision to an entirely new level.

Pajak successfully combines all of the major models of clinical supervision around the central concept of teaching styles. Vivid and powerful images that illustrate different styles of teaching are drawn from unforgettable films like Stand and Deliver, Kindergarten Cop, Mr. Holland's Opus, Dangerous Minds, and Music of the Heart. Useful tools and practical suggestions are provided, as well, for improving communication with teachers whose varied ways of thinking and speaking are compared to different languages and dialects.

At a more practical level, this very readable book demonstrates how alienation, apathy, disillusionment, and despair can be successfully countered through clinical cycles of engagement, empathy, encouragement, and empowerment. A potent schoolwide strategy for improving instruction is described that engages beginning and veteran teachers in differentiated learning teams, which accommodate their preferences for experiential learning, reflection, construction of meaning, and experimentation.

Honoring Diverse Teaching Styles: A Guide for Supervisorsadheres to the premise that those who provide supervisory support [should strive to work with teachers in ways that are consistent with how teachers are expected to work with students—by celebrating diversity and responding to that diversity in ways that enhance learning for all.] This sentiment and . . .

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