Boys into Men: Staying Healthy through the Teen Years


What are the most prevalent sports injuries for male teenagers? How should a guy protect himself from injury or disease while enjoying outdoor activities? Is it normal for a teenager to feel depressed? Answers to these questions and others often asked by adolescent boys can be found in this straightforward guide written specifically for them. Goldstein, a physician who specializes in care for adolescents, provides examples from his own practice to explain the most common ailments of this age group, as well as to provide boys with the choices they can make to help keep themselves healthy.

Arranged topically, each chapter covers a different aspect of mind and body. Readers will discover what physical changes they can expect at their age, as well as the most common physical ailments. They can also find out what psychological changes they may be experiencing and why, along with ways to get help for serious problems like drug and alcohol abuse or suicidal tendencies. The many topics covered include: nutrition, sports, injuries, sexuality, suicide, drug and alcohol abuse, and cross cultural issues. Written with an emphasis on wellness, advice is given on how to prevent injuries and disease, as well as how to care for one's body through good habits like eating well and getting enough sleep. Boys are encouraged to take care of themselves and to develop open and honest relationships with their physicians to help insure a happy and healthy adolescence.

Additional information

Publisher: Place of publication:
  • Westport, CT
Publication year:
  • 2000


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