Math Links: Teaching the NCTM 2000 Standards through Children's Literature

Math Links: Teaching the NCTM 2000 Standards through Children's Literature

Math Links: Teaching the NCTM 2000 Standards through Children's Literature

Math Links: Teaching the NCTM 2000 Standards through Children's Literature


"Building on children's natural curiosity, their love of patterns, and the instinct to use mathematics to make sense of their world, Math Links offers students the opportunity to practice their skills in a friendly environment made familiar to them through their own experiences and reading. The direct instruction and discovery strategies within are supported by assessment recommendations, extension activities, lists of related standards from 2000 and 1989, and software and literary resource lists. This is a must-have resource for primary-grade teachers, school librarians, and home schoolers." Title Summary field provided by Blackwell North America, Inc. All Rights Reserved


In this age of high stakes testing, many teachers struggle to find time to teach any subject that is not going to be tested. This is often true of math, science, and social studies. As a university professor, I often hear my students say that the classroom teachers they observe lament the fact that there is not enough time in the day to teach all subjects. They often don't teach as much math, science, and social studies as they would like. Because literacy is the first subject to get tested in most states and school districts, it seems to get the most instructional time.

Integration of curriculum is one of the answers to this dilemma. By integrating, teachers can teach more than one content area at a time. Numerous texts have been published that help teachers learn how to integrate reading and writing into various content areas. Often these books are designed for teachers at the middle school and high school levels. Math Links: Teaching the nctm 2000 Standards Through Children's Literature is specifically written for teachers in the elementary grades by elementary grade teachers. Caroline, Anne, and Trina have created numerous, easy to teach, literature-based math lessons based on the nctm 2000 Standards. Each lesson has been [classroom tested] by the authors and other teachers. the books suggested in the lessons are popular children's literature selections that should be available in any school or public library.

The beauty of this book is its comprehensiveness. Each lesson includes a suggested time frame, a list of materials, a lesson plan, ideas for assessment, and suggestions for adapting the lesson for children with special needs. Teachers will find the numerous reproducible charts an added bonus. Teachers are some of the busiest people on the planet. This book will be the kind you will reach for over and over again when looking for ways to integrate literacy and math.

Pat Hagerty Associate Professor Initial and Professional Teacher Education School of Education University of Colorado at Denver . . .

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