Analytical Music Therapy

Analytical Music Therapy

Analytical Music Therapy

Analytical Music Therapy


"This book brings together the work of analytical music therapists from Europe and the United States of America. The book examines the origins and theory of Analytical Music Therapy (AMT) - including a contribution on the subject by the creator of AMT, Mary Priestley - before exploring its uses in various contexts. The central chapters cover the use of AMT in psychiatry, psychotherapy, counselling and rehabilitation, with adults and children and with nonverbal clients. A concluding section discusses aspects of the training of music therapy students. Written by leading analytical music therapists and edited by Johannes Th. Eschen, one of Mary Priestley's first AMT students, this book will be of interest to students and practitioners of all schools of music therapy and related disciplines." Title Summary field provided by Blackwell North America, Inc. All Rights Reserved


The following is a transcript of a lecture given at the Ninth World Congress of Music Therapy (Washington 1999).

Johannes Th. Eschen:

Mary Priestley is the founder of Analytical Music Therapy, and we are grateful to have today parts of a 'Mary lecture', written down especially for this congress (Priestley 1998). Benedikte will read Mary's paragraphs and I will add some thoughts concerning German developments, defining features, etc.

Mary Priestley:

In this little talk I will refer to the client or patient as 'she' and the music therapist as 'he' for simplification. You are free to interpret this in any way you like. Here are some thoughts about Analytical Music Therapy that I would like to share.

Analytical Music Therapy was born out of psychoanalysis, but it is very different from psychoanalysis. It came into being together with my own ten-year Kleinian analysis which startedin1968, the same yearasmyGuildhall Music Therapy training. It then developed in 98 sessions of 'Intertherapy' with Peter Wright and Marjorie Wardle. We each took it in turns to be client and therapist one to another, experimenting with techniques and ideas, before we used them on our hospital patients and, in my case, also with private clients. This in turn gave birth to my book Music Therapy in Action which came out in 1975 (Priestley 1975).

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