Slavic Myths


This book, being the first narrative about Slavic mythology in English, helps to complete the Gestalt Circle of Indo-European mythology. The first collaborative work in english on Slavic mythology-- Illustrations: 97 original in color (Deluxe; B & W, Student) by Karol OndreickaThe world of Slavic myths is now accessible to English-language readers. These myths, now supplanted by Christian belief, are important to understanding the development of Slavic civilization and character. This book is an incomparable general introduction to the topic. It features Professor Ondreicka's outstanding artwork, which showcases the high artistic culture of the Slovak Republic. This book presents careful re-tellings of essential Slavic myths. No other title offers an introduction to Slavic mythology in such an accessible and charming form. The tales and the importance of comparative mythology in the study of history and culture are placed in context in an epilog supplied by Dr. Dusan Caplovic, Vice-President of the Slovak Academy of Sciences and a noted anthropologist. The book also includes a pantheon of Slavic gods and deities, bibliography, and a map of prehistoric Slavic sites.

Additional information

Publisher: Place of publication:
  • Wauconda, IL
Publication year:
  • 2005


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