Cities Farming for the Future: Urban Agriculture for Green and Productive Cities

Cities Farming for the Future: Urban Agriculture for Green and Productive Cities

Cities Farming for the Future: Urban Agriculture for Green and Productive Cities

Cities Farming for the Future: Urban Agriculture for Green and Productive Cities


Five years after the publication of “Growing Cities, Growing Food; Urban Agriculture at the Policy Agenda” (DSE 2000, edited by ETC-RUAF), this new book by RUAF looks at the situation of urban agriculture as it is today.

“Cities Farming for the Future” integrates results of recent research on the potentials, risks and dynamics of urban agriculture and presents early experiences with the development of policies and action programmes on urban agriculture.

The book provides new insights and interesting examples for senior and mid-level officers in municipal departments, governmental organisations, NGOs, farmer organisations and community-based organisations and is of high value for those that are to influence policies and programme development.

The book opens with a general introduction on agriculture in an urban context with the growing attention of policymakers and international organisations for urban agriculture as a backdrop. Chapter 2 presents the multi-stakeholder policy making and action planning (MPAP) approach as well as some lessons learned by the RUAF partners in the past years.

In chapter 3, the authors discuss urban planning and traditional and new approaches and tools to enhance access of urban producers to land and other resources. Chapter 4 reviews lessons learnt from urban studies on access to credit and investment. Chapters 5 to 9 deal with the various social, economic and ecological dimensions of urban agriculture. Chapter 10 to 14 discuss the main urban agriculture production systems and how these can be made safe and sustainable. Each chapter also presents a selected bibliography and a compilation of the main websites of relevant resources. Together these chapters give a comprehensive overview of the actual 'state of the art” in the development of sustainable urban agriculture.

The RUAF Network

This book is a collaborative effort of the partners in the International Network of Resource Centres on Urban Agriculture and Food Security (RUAF), including seven regional centres in developing countries and one international resource centre (see the authors page for contact information), and many other organisations with which RUAF is closely cooperating.

The initiative to establish the RUAF network was taken during a meeting in 1996 of the international Support Group on Urban Agriculture (SGUA), consisting at the time of nearly 40 international organisations. In 2004 the RUAF Foundation was established to create an independent and legal basis for the network.

The central aim of the RUAF Foundation is to contribute to urban poverty reduction, urban food security, improved urban environmental management, empowerment of urban farmers and participatory city governance by enhancing policy awareness on benefits and risks of urban agriculture, capacity development, facilitating local policy formulation and action planning on urban agriculture, and promoting networking and exchange of experiences.

During the first few years of its existence the RUAF partners focused their activities mainly on facilitation of networking and exchange of experiences, organisation of debates on key issues in urban agriculture, improving access of local stakeholders to information through establishment of databases, websites and production of the Urban Agriculture Magazine and other publications, and awareness raising in international, national and local organisations.

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