Developing a Coaching Business

Developing a Coaching Business

Developing a Coaching Business

Developing a Coaching Business


Most of the coaches I have trained are far happier about developing their coaching skills than they are about dealing with the business side of their new profession. If you are one of them, then this is your book.

I have aimed it at five groups:

The novice coach starting out with high hopes and eager to learn how to
grow a coaching practice, whether as a life coach, a specialist coach of
some sort, or an executive coach.

More experienced coaches who already know that being a brilliant coach
is not enough and want to learn where they are already doing the right
thing and what practical strategies they might try in order to find new
clients more quickly.

People running a coaching service inside organizations – they face most
of the same issues, albeit in a different context.

Consultants and other independent operators interested in developing a
coaching business and who already have useful experience of what is

Therapists and counsellors who may or may not be considering coaching
as a field, but who see that they, too, are running a business and want to
learn how to do it more effectively.

This is not a book of academic business theory. It is not about how to do coaching – there are plenty of other books on that, including one I have written myself. Nor is it competing with the many books aimed at smallbusiness owners and already on the bookshops' shelves about how to do sales forecasts, double-entry bookkeeping or calculate your VAT.

I make no promises about quick fixes because there are none. Nothing in this book is based on hype or silly pledges about getting rich in 100 days. Instead, I have based the book on sixteen successful years as a coach myself, training hundreds of other coaches, supervising around a dozen beginner coaches at any one time and observing their subsequent professional progress with keen interest. A business that started as just me is now a much bigger concern and in writing the book I have drawn substantially not just on my own experience but also on the experience of colleagues. We have tried . . .

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