The Magic Flute =: Die Zauberfleote : an Alchemical Allegory

The Magic Flute =: Die Zauberfleote : an Alchemical Allegory

The Magic Flute =: Die Zauberfleote : an Alchemical Allegory

The Magic Flute =: Die Zauberfleote : an Alchemical Allegory


This volume demonstrates for the first time that Mozarts opera Die Zauberflöte is an enactment of the alchemical opus magnum, in the form of a chemical wedding. Towards the end of the 18th century, alchemy was still a prominent mystical current within the Order of Freemasons of which Mozart and his librettists were members. The central part focuses on the operas alchemical structure, whereas the historical and mythological backgrounds are also dealt with extensively. The book comes with 3 CDs offering a rendition of the integral opera, in contrast to the common practice of leaving out major parts of the libretto. The Magic Flute is a fascinating journey of discovery, an initiation into Initiation. With complete original libretto and over 100 pictures.


This image is enchantingly beautiful


It began with a fascination for the work. I still remember the exact moment that I first heard sounds from Die Zauberflöte. One afternoon my music teacher played a record with highlights from this opera, and the first aria I heard was Dies Bildnis ist bezaubernd schön 'This image is enchantingly beautiful'. And the miracle happened. The magic flute had enchanted me. The only comparable experience I had ever had with music was with Beethoven's violin concerto.

There are artistic creations that fascinate and encapsulate me so completely, that the shape or form in which they appeared to me for the most part has become of secondary importance. The fact that Chartres' cathedral involves architecture, or The Brothers Karamazov the art of writing, and that Blow Up involves the silver screen, is not of any real importance to me. To me they are, first and foremost, exponents of a different reality that right from the very first moment has struck my everyday world like lightning, autonomous and fascinating at the same time, sacral in its primeval sense. It is of course an evident fact that Die Zauberflöte is an opera, determined by its makers, by time and place; but that does not concern me much, just as it does not really bother me that I do not know the architect who built Chartres' cathedral. This opera works ex opera operato as it were, to paraphrase an old theological maxim, from the power of its own essence. It has transcended both time and her makers.

It would however take many years before I came to see and hear the opera in its entirety. That was not until about 1965 at the Lyon open air theater. Another unforgettable experience in itself: I saw the Queen of the Night against the backdrop of the night sky.

I then also bought a Dutch translation of Rosenberg's famous monograph on the opera: Die Zauberflöte. Geschichte und Deutung von Mozarts Oper 'The Magic Flute. History and Interpretation of Mozart's opera'. I read it without putting it down. And only then did it become . . .

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