Brands: Visions and Values

Brands: Visions and Values

Brands: Visions and Values

Brands: Visions and Values


A multifaceted perspective on building and managing brand value
Brand identity has never been as crucial to company survival as it is in today's customer-centered new economy. As much as sixty percent of a company's market capitalization is tied up in its brand name. Yet, according to a recent survey of finance directors at leading firms in the United States and abroad, fewer than thirty percent of those surveyed believed that brands were their organization's most valuable asset after people. A book that will be of vital interest to senior managers and investors, Brands: Visions and Values makes an important contribution to the rapidly expanding discourse on brand value. It takes a timely look at the value of brand to a company from the perspectives of the accountant, the marketer, the analyst and the legal expert. Its comprehensive, multi-dimensional coverage of all aspects of building and managing brand value makes this a standout book in a market brimming with books on branding.
John Goodchild (London, UK) and Clive Callow (London, UK) are both associates at Keith, Bayley, and Rogers and are editors of Professional Investor magazine.


This book is the first in a series on contemporary investment themes to be published by John Wiley in association with the United Kingdom Society of Investment Professionals (UKSIP). UKSIP was created on 1 August 2000 from the merger of two bodies, the Institute of Investment Management and Research and the London Society of Investment Professionals, which was established in 1996. The new body is a member of the Association for Investment Management and Research (AIMR), an international organisation with its headquarters in North America.

UKSIP's main activity is the support and promotion of the chartered financial analyst (CFA) qualification which involves the completion of three comprehensive and rigorous examinations over a minimum three-year period. It also holds seminars and workshops on a wide variety of topics as part of the continuing education programme, and it publishes the journal Professional Investor (PI).

Most of the authors involved in the Wiley/UKSIP series have contributed to PI and a number are members of the society. We believe that their knowledge and understanding of the chosen subjects will ensure future titles are both informative and stimulating, words that we hope apply to Brands: Visions and Values.

John Goodchild Clive Callow

June 2001 . . .

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