Multinational Work Teams: A New Perspective


This authored book's purpose is to extend and consolidate the evolving literature on multinational work teams by developing a comprehensive theory that incorporates a dynamic, multilevel view of such teams. The model used by the authors focuses on various features of the team's members, their interactions as a team, and the organizational context in which they operate. The concept of integration and differentiation, as well as the notion of equilibrium are used as a general force guiding the specific processes that link various levels of analysis in the model. Providing a framework for scholars and students in the field of organizational studies, this book presents:

• a comprehensive review of the literature related to multinational and multicultural teams;

• an overview of the specific model driving our thinking along with an extensive description of the component parts;

• the individual and group-level elements of teams and their members;

• the linking processes that connect various elements and structures;

• the catalysts that give rise to changes in various elements and structures described in the theory section; and

• a general integration of the model and an application of this framework for understanding MNT's in diverse cultural contexts.

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