Money and Its Uses in the Ancient Greek World

Money and Its Uses in the Ancient Greek World

Money and Its Uses in the Ancient Greek World

Money and Its Uses in the Ancient Greek World


The papers in this volume re-assess the role of coined money in the ancient Greek world. Using new approaches, the book makes the results of numismatic as well as historical research accessible to students and scholars of ancient history.


The papers collected in this book adopt new approaches to an important area of Greek economic history—the use of coined money—and suggest new lines of enquiry. A major purpose of this collection is to make the results of numismatic research more readily accessible to a wider range of students and scholars of ancient history. The book also aims to provide a more wide-ranging account than is currently available of the social and economic contexts within which coined money was actually used in the Greek world. The papers explore money and its uses over a wide geographical area of the Greek-speaking world including Asia Minor, Egypt, and Rhodes. At the same time the Chapters cover a broad chronological range from archaic Greece to Roman Egypt.

Most of the chapters were originally delivered as papers at two conferences held at Corpus Christi College, Oxford, on 16 November 1995 and 1 March 1997 The editors are grateful to the participants at these conferences and to the other scholars who provided further chapters for this collection. We are also grateful to the Society for the Promotion of Hellenic Studies and the Craven Committee for financial assistance and to Corpus Christi College for providing hospitality. The editors would particularly like to thank Robin Osborne, Alan Bowman, and Chris Howgego for their advice and support.



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