How to Mentor in the Midst of Change


Whether in the context of a formal district-mandated program or in a grassroots effort, mentoring depends on the development of trust, respect and communication between mentor and protege. To be a mentor means to have a vision and enable others to participate in the vision and go on to be mentors themselves. In this updated second edition, author Cheryl Sullivan expands on contemporary mentoring'its roles as wise counselor in teacher induction and for administrative advancement'and new approaches evolving to help master a field that requires hard work and talent. Mentors and proteges, wannabes and maybes'all can benefit from Sullivan's direct, on-the-mark delineation of the guidelines and ideas for adults in mentoring roles in the 21st century. Cheryl Granade Sullivan has been a consultant specializing in custom educational and training services for more than 20 years. She also serves as a visiting faculty member at several universities, including the University of Texas at Austin and Oglethorpe University in Atlanta, Georgia.


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