Writing at University

Writing at University

Writing at University

Writing at University


"This is a writing guide for someone who is prepared to sit down and read about the process of writing and who prefers the support of a sympathetic tutor rather than a source of reference or a compendium of rules. It's the sort of book which holds you by the hand and talks you gently through the issues."Roy Johnson, MantexWhat is expected of you in university writing? What can you do to develop and build confidence in your writing? How can you address the variety of written assignments you will encounter in your studies? Writing at Universityis a student writing guide with a difference. It provides a deeper understanding of what writing at university is all about, with useful methods and approaches to give you more control over your academic writing. The book explores both traditional essay and other kinds of writing that you will need to do as part of your studies. You are encouraged to build upon your existing abilities as a writer through applying practical tasks to your own work. The second edition of this best-selling title has been completely updated with new coverage of report writing, learning journals, electronic writing and using the internet. This book is an essential tool for anyone who wants to improve their writing skills at university or FE colleges, including both undergraduates and postgraduate students. It is key reading for students in courses that require essay, report, or dissertation writing and for students returning to study. It is also an invaluable resource for academic staff who want to support students with their writing.


I never understand what they want.

Writing here seems completely different to anything I've done before.

The thought of writing assignments just makes me panic.

This book is about writing university assignments at degree level. Some parts will also be relevant to students taking postgraduate courses who are new to an area of study. One of the main reasons why we decided to write this book was that we wanted to help students find ways of putting writing at the centre of their learning. We believe that writing for your studies and learning for your studies are so integrally related that they cannot be separated from each other. Obviously an important aim for you as a student is that you complete your written assignments on time and get good grades, but writing essays and other assignments is about more than that: it is fundamentally about learning. As you learn to write in a particular way for a particular subject you are learning how to make sense of that subject. Academic disciplines have their own ways of organizing knowledge, and the ways in which people in different subject areas write about their subjects are actually part of the subject itself and something that has to be learnt. This is something that we will return to later in the book.

As authors we obviously do not know the readers of this book, nor how they came to be at university, but we do know that there have been many changes in universities during the last decade and that not everybody makes a simple and smooth progression from school after achieving the required A-level grades. There are now many routes into higher education and it is increasingly common for students to have had a variety of different learning experiences, both good and bad, before deciding to embark on a university course. Therefore, it is quite likely that you have been used to both learning and writing in many different ways. Now, at university, you will be asked to complete written assignments which not only seem very different from each . . .

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