Making It in Corporate America: How Women Can Survive, Prosper, and Make a Difference


This book offers tips, pointers, and advice for women at all levels of the corporate world. Some how-to-succeed books for women offer helpful techniques and strategies to improve a career or fatten a paycheck. Nearly all are written by journalists, academics, and researchers, or by women who started their business careers at mid-level or higher because of previous experience. Yet few of these authors have experienced the humiliation, the apprehension, the dread, the fears, the naivete and discrimination that women in the trenches understand all too well. This book is based the personal experience of the author and the women she interviewed, making it a unique and practical guide to dispelling the fears that women have about asserting themselves in the workplace.

Diane Smallen-Grob presents interviews with women executives who struggled for decent jobs and progressive careers in a wide variety of industries. The book focuses on what women did to succeed, where they are now, and- most importantly- what helped them rise among the ranks. The women share their experiences, insights, and stories. Common-sense pointers are offered for surviving the grueling boot camp that all women in business must endure. Women of every generation need to know that history can and does repeat itself, and that they must be forewarned, aware of the signs, and strong enough to make the best choices during the long climb to the top.

Additional information

Publisher: Place of publication:
  • Westport, CT
Publication year:
  • 2003


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