New Arabian Studies - Vol. 3

New Arabian Studies - Vol. 3

New Arabian Studies - Vol. 3

New Arabian Studies - Vol. 3


New Arabian Studies is an international journal covering a wide spectrum of topics including geography, archaeology, history, architecture, agriculture, language, dialect, sociology, documents, literature and religion. It provides authoritative information intended to appeal to both the specialist and general reader. Both the traditional and the modern aspects of Arabia are covered, excluding contemporary controversial politics.

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Hussein Abdullah al-Amri, Sami al-Sakkar, Ahmad 'Umar Al-Zayla'i, Charles Beckingham, Paolo M. Costa, W. J. Donaldson, Walter Dostal, Paul Dresch, Ronald E. Kon, H. T. Norris, Venetia Porter, Mikhail Rodionov, Jacques Ryckmans, Avihai Shivtiel, J.R. Smart, Clive Smith, G. Rex Smith, Yasir Suleiman and Daniel Martin Varisco


Professor R.B. Serjeant, a founding editor of both Arabian Studies and New Arabian Studies, died on 29th April 1993. The remaining editors, Dr Robin Bidwell, who himself died in June 1994, Professor G. Rex Smith, Mr J.R Smart and the then Production Editor, Mr B.R. Pridham, agreed that New Arabian Studies 3 should most appropriately become a Serjeant memorial volume. It was at once recognized that one or two essential articles would have to be written and reproduced in Arabic, although they wish to make it clear that this is not a practice that will continue in future issues of New Arabian Studies. The Editors invited Professor Husayn 'Abdallāh al-'Amrī of the University of Ṣan'ā' to join them to edit the two articles in Arabic which have eventually materialized in the present volume. The Editors are grateful to Professor al-'Amrī not only for his expert editorial skills, but also for the arrangements he made in Damascus for the camera-ready copying of the Arabic articles.

The Editors are delighted at the response to their invitations to the colleagues and pupils of Bob Serjeant who were asked to contribute to this volume and they wish to record their gratitude here. It has resulted in a truly international volume with Yemeni, Austrian, Italian, American, Russian, Belgian, Iraqi, Saudi Arabian, Palestinian and Dutch scholars joining their British colleagues in the pages below to pay tribute to Serjeant's unequalled scholarship.

The instruction given to invitees was, wherever possible, that they should keep their contributions within the field of Arabian Studies as understood as the editorial policy of Arabian Studies and its successor, New Arabian Studies. Most have been able to conform to that wish, though the reader will note that two or three may have fallen somewhat outside the field of Arabian studies pur sang. The Editors wish to make it clear that this does not represent a change of policy on their part; this is a special volume and the rules have been bent slightly to allow in this tribute to Serjeant articles which . . .

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