Sex and Your Teenager: A Parent's Guide

Sex and Your Teenager: A Parent's Guide

Sex and Your Teenager: A Parent's Guide

Sex and Your Teenager: A Parent's Guide


As we all know, sexuality is not an easy topic for parents and carers to deal with once their children enter adolescence. We are all aware of the need to discuss sex with our kids, the only question is, how to start the conversation?

This practical, down-to-earth book offers tips on how to broach the subject and gives advice on a range of problems from the bodily changes at puberty through to coping with relationships, contraception and HIV.

And in light of modern society's ever changing attitudes towards sexual behaviour, more controversial issues are addressed such as sexual orientation and STDs.

Written in a very open, honest style, yet based on a solid bedrock of scientific information this book will help you to help your teenager to cope with their own sexuality.

• Written by a very well respected academic

• Includes useful lists of organisations and further reading

• Will empower you to develop a deeper, more satisfying relationships with your teenage kids


When you talk to adults about the sex education they received, they will generally say that it was totally inadequate and that they want something better for their children. So it is not surprising that research shows that parents think that they should talk to their children about sex and relationships. In addition, contrary to common belief, children want this dialogue with their parent too. But even today, when there is so much discussion of sex around us, the reality of family communication rarely meets the aspirations of parents or children.

Sex and Your Teenager is a valuable tool to help fill this gap. It provides clear information and practical, down-to-earth advice to assist parents in supporting their children as they grow into adulthood. John Coleman's own commitment to improving the lives of young people and their families and his comprehensive expertise shine through his inspirational book. I am sure that any parent who reads it will find their knowledge increased and their confidence enhanced. As a result, they will find it easier to communicate with their children about . . .

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