Cognitive Therapy of Personality Disorders

Cognitive Therapy of Personality Disorders

Cognitive Therapy of Personality Disorders

Cognitive Therapy of Personality Disorders


Aaron T. Beck: Winner of the Lifetime Achievement Award from the National Nursing Centers Consortium!

This landmark work was the first to present a cognitive framework for understanding and treating personality disorders. Now Aaron T. Beck and his distinguished team of co-authors present an extensively rewritten and updated second edition, integrating over a decade's worth of tremendous advances in theory and practice. Part 1 lays out the conceptual, empirical, and clinical foundations of effective work with this highly challenging population. Cognitive aspects of Axis II disorders are reviewed and general treatment principles delineated, with new chapters covering assessment procedures and issues in the therapeutic relationship. Part 2 details the process of cognitive-behavioral therapy for each of the specific disorders. Restructured to follow a consistent format, chapters review the current clinical literature; guide the therapist through diagnosis and case conceptualization; and demonstrate the nuts and bolts of cognitive intervention. Richly illustrated with expanded case material, the second edition also includes a wealth of new information on therapeutic impasses and how to overcome them.


In the more than two decades since Aaron T. Beck and his colleagues published Cognitive Therapy of Depression, cognitive therapy has developed in an almost exponential fashion. From the early work of treating depression, the model has been advanced and applied to the treatment of all the commonly seen clinical syndromes, including anxiety, panic disorder, eating disorders, and substance abuse, as well as disturbances of thinking associated with psychoses. Outcome studies have demonstrated its efficacy in a wide range of clinical disorders. In addition to its application to practically all the clinical populations, with modifications, cognitive therapy has been applied to all ages (children, adolescents, geriatric patients) and has been used in a variety of settings (outpatient, inpatient, couples, groups, and families).

The interest in and development of the clinical work in treating those patients with personality disorders have grown with the clinical sophistication and skill of the cognitive therapists. The first edition of this volume was the first cognitive approach to focus specifically on this diverse and difficult group. Our second edition reflects both our growing clinical sophistication and the expanding potential of cognitive therapy to effectively treat these disorders that often have been regarded as untreatable.

The work in cognitive therapy has drawn interest from around the world, and centers for cognitive therapy (or cognitive therapy study groups) have been established on every continent except Antarctica.

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