How to Teach So Students Remember

How to Teach So Students Remember

How to Teach So Students Remember

How to Teach So Students Remember


When you teach a lesson, do your students remember the information the next day? The next week? Will they retain that information long enough to use it on a high-stakes test and, most importantly, will they retain it well enough to make use of it in their lives beyond school?How to Teach So Students Remember offers seven steps to increase your students!


I am sitting across from two of my students. Bobby is probably the best young chess player I have ever known. He also is a very good student. He wants to be a doctor just like his dad and his mom. Cory, in contrast, doesn't care much about school and spends most of his time on his skateboard. He is the best skateboarder I have ever seen. I don't think Cory knows where his dad is or what he does; his mother has a day care in her home. I am concerned that he is not learning very much. I am with them to see whether I can discover how they learn.

[Cory, how did you get to be so good at skateboarding?] I ask.

[Practice,] he replies.

[OK, how did you get interested in it?]

[I dunno,] he responds. [I think I just seen this guy on a board doin' all these tricks, and I thought it was cool. I asked my brother to get me a board, and he did.]

[So, you saw this guy. You bought a board. And you practiced?]

[Yeah. I thought I could be good.]

[Thanks, Cory. How about you, Bobby? How did you get involved with chess?] I ask him.

[I saw the movie Searching for Bobby Fischer. I thought it was cool the way they made their moves so fast. My dad has a chessboard in his office at home. I started reading about chess and practicing,] Bobby says.

[Are you hoping to be another Bobby Fisher?] I want to know.

[Maybe,] he replies shyly.

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