Handbook for Qualities of Effective Teachers

Handbook for Qualities of Effective Teachers

Handbook for Qualities of Effective Teachers

Handbook for Qualities of Effective Teachers


What makes an effective teacher? How do you help good teachers become even better? What tools and techniques are available to support and sustain quality teaching?In this companion to the best-selling Qualities of Effective Teachers, you'll find numerous strategies for examining the practice of teaching, helping teachers improve their skills, and establishing an environment that supports good teaching. Each chapter concentrates on a different aspect of teacher effectiveness, and the authors include real-life teacher scenarios with focus questions that prompt readers to analyze the specific qualities of teaching. The authors offer their own analyses of these scenarios and also include supportive research summaries, blackline masters, graphic organizers, and other aids to help readers thoroughly explore the various qualities of effective teachers. Principals, staff developers, teacher educators, teacher mentors, instructional leaders, and teachers themselves can use this book to'support new teachers with emerging skills,?coach promising teachers in the process of becoming effective teachers, and'identify specific teacher needs, from questioning skills to assessment. No matter what the skill level of the teachers involved, Handbook for Qualities of Effective Teachers will encourage a new level of self-reflection and better focus efforts to develop the kind of teaching skills that make a positive difference in the classroom.


Most teachers do not want to be just good teachers, they want to
be great teachers.

NWREL, 2001, p. 18

The Handbook, simply put, is about supporting quality teachers. It is presented as a companion to the book Qualities of Effective Teachers (Stronge, 2002). Whereas Qualities of Effective Teachers is intended to provide a readable, user-friendly synthesis of research regarding what it means to be an effective teacher, the Handbook is designed to provide the ways and means for applying the research.

As teachers grow professionally, their instructional expertise increases, and they become more effective at various aspects of teaching. They have a greater repertoire of instructional, management, and assessment knowledge and skills from which to draw as they create meaningful student learning experiences. Our intent with the Handbook for Qualities of Effective Teachers is to provide a tool for teachers as they seek to improve their effectiveness in delivering high-quality, productive learning experiences for all students.

We trust that the tools and techniques included in the Handbook will prove to be practical and user-friendly in supporting effective teachers. Regardless of how effective any one of us might be in our teaching, we can continue to grow and improve. For master teachers, the Handbook is aimed at continual improvement and sustaining quality teaching. For others, the tools are designed to help identify areas for performance improvement, and to . . .

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