Psychologists' Desk Reference


Here is the revised and expanded edition of the indispensable companion for every mental health practitioner. Improved over the first edition by input and feedback from clinicians and program directors, the Psychologists' Desk Reference 2e presents an even larger variety of information required in daily practice in one easy-to-use resource. Covering the entire spectrum of practice issues-from diagnostic codes, practice guidelines, treatment principles, and report checklists to insight and advice from today's most respected clinicians-this peerless reference gives fingertip access to the entire range of current knowledge. Intended for use by all mental health professionals, the Desk Reference covers assessment and diagnosis, testing and psychometrics, treatment and psychotherapy, ethical and legal issues, practice management and insurance, and professional resources. Chapters have been clearly written by master clinicians and include easy-to-read checklists and tables as well as helpful advice. Filled with information psychologists use every day, the Psychologists' Desk Reference 2e will be the most important and widely used volume in the library of psychologists, social workers, and counsellors everywhere.
• Thoroughly revised chapters by the field's leaders
• 29 entirely new chapters, now totalling 140• Sections reorganised to be smaller and more specific, making topics easier to find
• A listing of valuable internet sites in each chapter
• Increased emphasis on evidence-based practices
• A companion web site containing graphics, illustrations, tables, primary sources, extensive bibliographies, links to related sites, and much moreContents:Part 1 Assessment and DiagnosisPart 2 Psychological TestingPart 3 Individual Psychotherapy and TreatmentPart 4 Couples, Family and Group TreatmentPart 5 Child and Adolescent TreatmentPart 6 Biology and PharmacotherapyPart 7 Self-help ResourcesPart 8 Ethical and Legal IssuesPart 9 Forensic MattersPart 10 Practice ManagementPart 11 Professional ResourcesIndex

Additional information

Includes content by:
  • Christie P. Karpiak
  • John C. Norcross
  • Robert W. Baker
  • Paula T. Trzepacz
  • Rhonda S. Karg
Publisher: Place of publication:
  • New York
Publication year:
  • 2005


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