A Handbook for Teacher Research: From Design to Implementation

A Handbook for Teacher Research: From Design to Implementation

A Handbook for Teacher Research: From Design to Implementation

A Handbook for Teacher Research: From Design to Implementation


This informative book helped me to understand research in general and to bring focus and clarity to my current research project. The text answers questions and provides guidance and support in a manner that is user-friendly and easy to comprehend. After reading this book, I feel empowered as a teacher-researcher and would unhesitatingly recommend it to other teacher-researchers, graduate students and educators. Francesca Crowther - teacher and doctoral student, Nova Scotia, Canada.

This book provides a comprehensive and detailed approach to teacher research as systematic, methodical and informed practice. It identifies five requirements for all kinds of research, and provides clear and accessible guidelines for teachers to use in conducting their own classroom-based studies.


  • A clear definition of teacher research which insists on more than 'stories' and anecdotal 'retrospectives'
  • Innovative organisational structure based on the collection and analysis of spoken, written and observed data, with strong emphasis on the design of research projects
  • Easy-to-use and widely applicable tools and techniques for collecting and analysing data in qualitative research
Informed by the authors' own wide-ranging experiences, A Handbook of Teacher Research provides everything the teacher researcher needs in order to conduct good quality practitioner research. It is ideal for upper level undergraduate Education programmes and for postgraduate research, as well as for teacher researchers who conceive and drive their own independent studies.


This book aims to provide a comprehensive resource for practitioners wanting to conduct good quality teacher research. It builds on the view that several features must be present in any investigation – whether primarily academic or practitioner in orientation – for it to count as being bona fide research. This chapter works toward identifying these necessary generic features of research by considering some trends and issues evident in teacher research over the past 30 years. These make it timely and important to assert a strong 'bottom line' for teacher research.

'Teacher research' is a strongly contested idea. Key issues exist on which different people take competing positions. We consider a range of these here. At the same time, there are some important points on which advocates of teacher research are generally agreed. We will begin by looking at three points of broad agreement about teacher research.

Three points of general agreement about teacher research

Three points of broad consensus among those who write about teacher research can be noted here.

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