Handbook of Health Research Methods: Investigation, Measurement and Analysis

Handbook of Health Research Methods: Investigation, Measurement and Analysis

Handbook of Health Research Methods: Investigation, Measurement and Analysis

Handbook of Health Research Methods: Investigation, Measurement and Analysis


"an ideal set text" Angela Scriven, Course Leader, Brunel University
  • Which research method should I use to evaluate services?
  • How do I design a questionnaire?
  • How do I conduct a systematic review of research?
This handbook helps researchers to plan, carry out, and analyse health research, and evaluate the quality of research studies. The book takes a multidisciplinary approach to enable researchers from different disciplines to work side-by-side in the investigation of population health, the evaluation of health care, and in health care delivery.

Handbook of Health Research Methods is an essential tool for researchers and postgraduate students taking masters courses, or undertaking doctoral programmes, in health services evaluation, health sciences, health management, public health, nursing, sociology, socio-biology, medicine and epidemiology. However, the book also appeals to health professionals who wish to broaden their knowledge of research methods in order to make effective policy and practice decisions.

Contributors: Joy Adamson, Geraldine Barrett, Jane P. Biddulph, Ann Bowling, Sara Brookes, Jackie Brown, Simon Carter, Michel P. Coleman, Paul Cullinan, George Davey Smith, Paul Dieppe, Jenny Donovan, Craig Duncan, Shah Ebrahim, Vikki Entwistle, Clare Harries, Lesley Henderson, Kelvyn Jones, Olga Kostopoulou, Sarah J. Lewis, Richard Martin, Martin McKee, Graham Moon, Ellen Nolte, Alan O'Rourke, Ann Oakley, Tim Peters, Tina Ramkalawan, Caroline Sanders, Mary Shaw, Andrew Steptoe, Jonathan Sterne, Anne Stiggelbout, S. V. Subramanian, Kate Tilling, Liz Twigg, Suzanne Wait.


This book aims to assist researchers from clinical and non-clinical disciplines to plan, carry out, analyse and evaluate research on population health, health outcomes and health care delivery. A sound knowledge of research methods is important to all professionals involved in health policy and the delivery of health care. It is increasingly common for researchers from different disciplines to work together, and this book also aims to provide insight into their different research perspectives and methods. The focus of the book therefore reflects a multidisciplinary approach to research that is relevant to a wide range of students and researchers.

The book includes an impressive number of authors, all of whom are active and experienced investigators, with international reputations in their area of expertise.

While the length of each chapter varies, depending on its aims and subject matter, the authors have each provided a comprehensive guide to their specialist topics, pitched at a level suitable for a multidisciplinary readership. Where appropriate, authors have included a list of further reading and resources to point the reader towards more detailed material. It is hoped that this book will introduce readers to research methodology across disciplines, and increase awareness of some of the critical issues involved in investigating health and health services.

Ann Bowling and Shah Ebrahim . . .

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