ICT in the Primary School

ICT in the Primary School

ICT in the Primary School

ICT in the Primary School


• What does ICT offer to the quality of young children's learning?

• What are some of the key isues which teachers need to address in the 'Information Society'?

• How does children's experience of ICT in school relate to their learning experiences beyond the classroom?

This book brings together a team of well known international writers and educationalists to discuss why ICT can make a critical contribution to children's learning in the primary school. As our perception of the 'Information Society' develops and we consider its impact upon social, economic and cultural life, our expectations of children's experiences in schools will also alter. The authors address a range of questions and issues from a variety of perspectives. They suggest that the potential of ICT to enable children to show and create knowledge lies in teachers' critical understanding of the deeper purposes of learning and the ways in which learners, teachers and new technologies can interact with each other.


ICT (information and communication technology) in the primary school is a topic of fast-developing discussion, policy and practice in many countries. Governments have prioritized the allocation of resources to making ICT accessible to students and staff in schools, providing opportunities for training teachers and outlining the forms of ICT in the curriculum as a resource to support learning—as a subject in its own right and as a catalyst for higher-order thinking processes. Teachers in primary classrooms have dealt with significant changes in their use of ICT in recent years. They have developed their own personal and professional applications and adapted their teaching strategies for different learning environments, such as an ICT suite, portable computers in class, homeschool links and virtual 'spaces' for communication between learners and colleagues.

Changes in practice take time to plan, try out, evaluate and adapt. The use of ICT in primary schools is developing within a community of teachers, pupils, friends, families, peers and members of the wider and various communities that schools serve. In such an area, 'experts' and 'novices' are not easily defined by traditional roles and all members of the community can contribute their experience from a number of spheres to an unfolding and shared understanding of the questions 'What?' and 'Why?' when we use ICT in primary school settings. At the time of writing this book, many primary teachers are engaged in examining . . .

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