Physical Children, Active Teaching: Investigating Physical Literacy


• How can children achieve their entitlement to gain physical literacy and to become physically educated?

• How can parents and teachers ensure that children's movement development and movement education are of the highest quality?

• What are the most appropriate contexts for facilitating children's physicality?

The book describes children's physical and movement development and analyses progression in motor skills from elementary to mature stages, from infancy through to the end of the primary school years.

Language development stemming from motor development and the contribution of language as a tool in the achievement of movement competence is discussed, as is the contribution of movement to children's play and creative activity.

The author addresses children's entitlement to become physically educated, both through the raising of standards in the Physical Education curriculum and through the heightening of expectations in children's knowledge, understanding, participation and performance in physical activity and the development of a healthy and active lifestyle.

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