Designing and Reporting Experiments in Pyschology

Designing and Reporting Experiments in Pyschology

Designing and Reporting Experiments in Pyschology

Designing and Reporting Experiments in Pyschology


"This book will help undergraduate psychology students to write practical reports of experimental and other quantitative studies in psychology. It is designed to help with every stage of the report writing process including what to put in each section and recommendations for formatting and style. It also discusses how to design a study, including how to use and report relevant statistics. As such, the book acts both as an introduction and reference source to be used throughout an undergraduate course."


Writing reports of practical work is an important part of many courses in psychology, from school level to degree work. This book provides advice on how to go about writing these reports, focusing especially on the reports that you will most often be asked to write – reports of experiments.

It is a guide to design as well as to report writing. Why? Because these elements are inextricably linked. It is hard to write a good report of an experiment without understanding the whys and wherefores of its design. In order to fully understand what is required of you in the report, therefore, it helps to have an idea of the function that the report of a study serves in the scientific world. This, in turn, requires you to understand something about the nature and purpose of empirical studies – such as experiments. Moreover, many of the problems and difficulties that you may face with report writing involve questions such as how to report the features of your design, or how to report adequately the outcomes of your statistical analyses. The answers to such problems depend on knowledge both of the conventions of report writing and the logic and terminology of design. Consequently, this book attempts to provide an introduction to both aspects of your practical work.

How to use this book

My aim as author of this book has been to write something that will not only serve as an introduction to design and report writing, but that can also be used as a handy reference source throughout your career as a student of practical psychology. I see it being used much . . .

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