Supporting Language and Literacy Development in the Early Years


This book presents a developmental view of language, the emergence of literacy and the role of literature in the early years. The age-range covered is 0-6 years, a period characterised by unparalleled speed and complexity of growth in thinking, language, social and cultural awareness and physical skills. Perspectives on language, literature and literacy in the early years are combined in one accessible volume. Chapters on communication, play, narrative and national literacy requirements provide a helpful way into some complex issues. The book uses child observations and case studies to demonstrate the learning that goes on in a variety of homes and early years settings and challenges many current shibboleths in the field of early years language and literacy. The book will be valuable reading for all adults seeking to support young children's language and literacy learning - parents, teachers, nursery nurses, childminders, playgroup leaders and other early years professionals.

Additional information

Publisher: Place of publication:
  • Philadelphia
Publication year:
  • 1999


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