Holiest Wars: Islamic Mahdis, Their Jihads, and Osama bin Laden


"This text, written by an American scholar, highlights one of the lesser-known aspects of Islam called Mahdism, which centers belief on a "rightly guided one" who will at some point return to earth to rally Muslims and make the world right. This belief is powerful and potentially dangerous, and deserves the attention it receives in this volume. Before September 11, 2001, most Western Scholars of Islam ignored Mahdism, dismissing it as a relic of Muslim history. However, today it is nearly impossible to ignore the topic, as we have seen first-hand the ways in which religious beliefs can lead to violent acts of terrorism. The Mahdist movement's very aim is to re-order global society into a Muslim community - a cause for which many would gladly fight and give up their lives. This book serves as a guide to this aspect of Islam." Title Summary field provided by Blackwell North America, Inc. All Rights Reserved

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