The Manager as Change Leader

The Manager as Change Leader

The Manager as Change Leader

The Manager as Change Leader


The Manager as Change Leader examines the complexities of change from the manager's perspective, providing readers with the tools to help employees (and the organization) successfully engage in change. In a challenge to traditional approaches-which presume that organizational change will occur once an initiative has been launched-Gilley focuses on the challenges that managers face when others resist change, before, during and even after the process has been implemented. Featuring personal development tools, worksheets, and references, The Manager as Change Leader will become an indispensable resource for any manager faced with leading or navigating a change program, whether large-scale or small.


Change is constant.

—Benjamin Disraeli

The vice president of accounting for a large firm decided to purchase a new, more user friendly automated accounting software program. Staff complaints regarding inefficiency and delays had reached the breaking point. The seven members of the department were notified two weeks prior to installation of the new software of the impending change, along with mandatory staff training. The atmosphere during the training session was toxic and failed to improve when employees returned to their desks. Productivity declined and tensions rose. The vice president was stunned. He had given his employees what they asked. What went wrong?

Change. That inevitable yet critical component of organizational life that causes frustration, stress, and ulcers due to opportunities, layoffs, downsizing, rightsizing, outsourcing, reengineering, mergers, acquisitions, sell-offs, promotions, demotions, transfers, hiring, firing… the list goes on and on. Countries, governments, communities, businesses, and individuals are in a constant state of change. How is a mere manager to cope?

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