Case Study Designs in Music Therapy

Case Study Designs in Music Therapy

Case Study Designs in Music Therapy

Case Study Designs in Music Therapy


"Research and clinical work are often perceived as opposites in the field of music therapy. This book shows, for the first time, how these two areas of work can creatively complement one another, proving beneficial to both disciplines. Each chapter is writ"


David Aldridge

Language, before being a code or a depository of established meanings, is
but a generalized style, a way of singing the world.

Maurice Merleau-Ponty quoted in Smith 1993, p.195

My colleague and I visited a man at his bedside in hospital. He was a participant in a research program and one of the treatment options was music therapy. As it was a controlled trial, he had given his permission to be part of the treatment group or the control group. Before the session started, he was given a questionnaire to complete.

We duly sang for him and his family. He and his wife talked about their life together, what songs they enjoyed singing, some from way back then, and we played some of those songs. They were also given a list of favourite songs chosen by other people in the hospital. Both identified songs from this list that they liked to hear and sing along with. Interspersed with these songs that we sang together were reminiscences about past events and a generous sprinkling of anxiety about the near future from the man and his wife. He had only just been admitted to the hospital and the first stage of the treatment was imminent that same evening. After we had sung, he asked, 'Was that the music therapy or the placebo?'

Now most therapists when they talk to their colleagues will use such vignettes from practice. When we talk to each other, we tell stories that work on different levels of meaning. The above anecdote is a commentary on the possibility of . . .

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