Women's Rights: A Global View

Women's Rights: A Global View

Women's Rights: A Global View

Women's Rights: A Global View


Are women fighting over the same issues and for the same rights all around the world? What are the gains that have been made for women in different cultures over the past 200 years? Students will find answers to these and similar questions in this unique resource of fifteen case studies exploring the problems surrounding the fight for women's rights in different countries, ranging from Argentina to Zimbabwe. The history, the public perceptions, contemporary problems, the future of women's rights, and the roles of activists concerning these rights are examined. The detailed explorations provide readers with the opportunity to discover the different cultural attitudes toward women.

In order to facilitate comparisons, each chapter follows a similar outcome. The countries were chosen to represent every region of the world and to provide as broad a picture as possible of the issues presented by women's struggles for equality. Each case study asks how national, cultural, class, racial, and religious differences have influenced women's rights. These different views of ways in which women have sought their rights around the world will help students to understand the fight for women's rights in a broad sense as a social issue that affects all of humanity.


Why are child abuse in the family and homelessness social conditions to be endured or at least tolerated in some countries while in other countries they are viewed as social problems that must be reduced or eliminated? What social institutions and other factors affect these behaviors? What historical, political, and social forces influence a society's response to a social condition? In many cases, individuals around the world have the same or similar hopes and problems. However, in most cases we deal with the same social conditions in very dissimilar ways.

The volumes in the Greenwood series A World View of Social Issues examine different social issues and problems that are being faced by individuals and societies around the world. These volumes examine problems of poverty and homelessness, drugs and alcohol addiction, HIV/AIDS, teen pregnancy, crime, women's rights, and a myriad of other issues that affect all of us in one way or another.

Each volume is devoted to one social issue or problem. All volumes follow the same general format. Each volume has up to fifteen chapters that describe how people in different countries perceive and try to cope with a given problem or social issue. The countries chosen represent as many world regions as possible, making it possible to explore how each issue has been recognized and what actions have been taken to alleviate it in a variety of settings.

Each chapter begins with a profile of the country being highlighted and an overview of the impact of the social issue or problem there. Basic policies, legislation, and demographic information related to the social issue are cov-

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