The Curve of the Sacred: An Exploration of Human Spirituality


Constantin Ponomareff suggested the title The Curve of the Sacred. It provides a rich metaphor to express the varied ways of spirituality. We can draw a tangent from any point along the circumference of a spiritual curve to connect with human activity. Being spiritual is a factual activity of reason more than a normative mind set. Intrinsic to human design is the tendency to wonder about the meaning of life. While the spiritual tendency underlies the quest for meaning, religion provides some of our most cherished answers to that question.

The Centre for the Study of Philosophy and Religion (PAR) is dedicated to a rigorous examination of religious issues. The forms of religious expression include the totality of human experience of the sacred. The scope of philosophy and religion is holistic and comprehensive: holistic since it includes all forms of religious expressions and comprehensive since it views religious expression within a wide range of values. Since the spiritual tendency finds expression as art, music, literature, and religion, the effort to disengage how it works proves useful to the goal envisaged by PAR.

The book is written in two complementary voices. Part One (chapters 1-13) views spirituality from the perspective of the humanities tradition. Part Two (chapters 14-19) examines how being spiritual allows us to become more truly personal.

Kenneth A. Bryson

Editor PAR special series

Value Inquiry Book Series

Additional information

Includes content by:
  • Kenneth A. Bryson
  • Constantin V. Ponomareff
  • Bismi Llahi
  • Rrahmāni Rrahīmi
Publisher: Place of publication:
  • Amsterdam
Publication year:
  • 2006


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