Poor Banished Children of Eve: Woman as Evil in the Hebrew Bible

Poor Banished Children of Eve: Woman as Evil in the Hebrew Bible

Poor Banished Children of Eve: Woman as Evil in the Hebrew Bible

Poor Banished Children of Eve: Woman as Evil in the Hebrew Bible


What gave rise to symbolizing woman as evil in the biblical tradition and other ancient Near Eastern societies? Taking her title from a Roman Catholic prayer called "Hail Holy Queen," Yee investigates the history of this hostile tradition of symbolization, including Eve in Genesis, Gomer in Hosea, Oholah and Oholibah in Ezekiel, and the "strange woman" of Proverbs. Employing a materialist literary criticism, ideological criticism, and the social sciences, she investigates how this negative imagery crops up in a variety of forms. Among her important conclusions is that gender conflicts in ancient Israel could be deflected forms of class conflict-the struggles between the king and peasants are deflected to men and women.


I am sure to forget someone in these acknowledgments, so please forgive me! I would like to thank Anthony R. Ceresko, O.S.F.S., Chris Franke, Pamela Milne, Carol Newsom, Michael Patrick O'Connor, and Naomi Steinberg, who have read some portion of this book and gave me their perceptive commentary.

1 am grateful to the members of the Old Testament Colloquium, in which several of these chapters were presented and critiqued, especially Conine Patton, Kathleen M. O'Connor, and Mark S. Smith.

Muchas gracias to Bruce J. Malina and John J. Pilch for their friendly counsel and support, particularly in the writing of chapter 3, and to Richard J. Clifford, S.J., whose great wisdom on the book of Proverbs helped the writing of chapter 7.

Merci beaucoup to my faculty colleagues at the Episcopal Divinity School, Kwok Pui Lan, Larry Wills, Angela Bauer, Joanna Dewey, Christopher Duraisingh, and Andrew McGowan, who commented on presentations of several chapters at different venues of the Boston Theological Institute.

Danke schön to Naomi Steinberg, Victor Matthews, Claudia Camp, and Daniel Smith-Christopher for prepublication manuscripts of their work.

I want to say xie xie to the members of the Ethnic Chinese Biblical Colloquium, where chapter 4 and chapter 6 were presented. Chapter 6 was my April 2002 Presidential Address as outgoing president of the colloquium.

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